LCC8 Schedule

A printable PDF version of this schedule can be found here. The list of speakers and presenters along with their abstracts can be found here. Maps of the city of Cambridge and of the Anglia Ruskin University campus there can be found here. LCC8 presentations will be happening in the university’s Science Centre (SCI).

Friday, 21 June 2019
starting 18.00 Social Mixer: The Cambridge Blue ( located at 85–87 Gwydir St, Cambridge


Saturday, 22 June 2019
9.00–9.40 Registration open
9.40–9.50 Welcome and opening remarks
9.50–10.05 Songs in Conlangs of Aeniith
Margaret Ransdell-Green & Eric B. Barker
10.05–10.35 Towards a “Practical” Application of Conlanging
Seumas Dòmhnallach
10.35–10.50 The Language Hoax: How a Constructed Language Fooled Linguists (For a While, Anyway)
Dr. Oliver Mayeux
10.50–11.00 Break
11.00–12.15 Panel: Conlangs in Popular Fiction
Moderator: Dr. Bettina Beinhoff
Panelists: Dr. Dimitra Fimi; Margaret Ransdell-Green; Dr. Tiffani Angus; Jackson Bradley; Prof. Sarah Annes Brown
12.15–12.45 Ka Du Hanasu? – Collaborative Conpidgins
Sascha M. Baer
12.45–13.45 Lunch break (registration desk open 13.30–13.45)
13.45–14.45 Poster Sessions:
Linguistic Experiment with 3 Artificial Languages: Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth’s Alternative History (Nadezda Kologreeva)
Conlanging from Bible Texts to Subway Stations: Introducing the Language Temnish (Tobias Lindorfer)
Lyrical and Technical Hybrid Evolution: Old Norse and Late Proto-Finnic (Yoshi Smart)
Constructed Musical Systems and Instruments of Aeniith (Margaret Ransdall-Green and Eric B. Barker)
Artlangs and Fiction: Thoughts from a Book Editor (Sea Chapman)
Developing a Literary Corpus for the Warrior’s Tongue (Jackson Bradley)
Featurality in Brightmoonese: When Phonemes Melt Down and Features Run Free (Javier Barrio)
14.45–14.55 Break
14.55–15.10 Tsiilareit, a Beginner’s Language
Harper McCarley
15.10–15.40 Grammaticalizing Consonant Gradation the Uralic Way
Kelvin Jackson
15.40–16.10 The Benefits of Proto-Conlangs
Gary Taylor-Raebel
16.10–16.20 Break
16.20–17.20 What’s [Theory] Got to Do, Got to Do with It?
Dr. Joseph W. Windsor
starting 18.30 Conference Dinner: CB2 Café ( located at 5/7 Norfolk St. Cambridge


Sunday, 23 June 2019
9.30–9.45 Registration open
9.45–10.15 A Demiurge of Names: Plato’s Cratylus, Word Formation, and Iconicity in Contemporary Linguistics and Constructed Languages
Kevin Graaf
10.15–10.45 Creative Polysemy: Looking from Culture to Language and Back Again
Margaret N. Ransdell-Green
10.45–11.00 Conculture Elaboration Enhances Artlang Naturalism
Jeffrey Brown
11.00–11.10 Break
11.10–11.40 Adapting a Constructed Language for a Novel: An Experience
Jim Baker
11.40–12.10 Ul Qoma Pulls an Ataturk and Switched to Roman Script, Not Bastardized Georgian: Creating a Language for The City And The City
Alison Long
12.10–13.10 Lunch Break
13.10–13.40 Arching Over Natural and Created Languages, or: The Xmetov Shall Live with Esperanto, the Dutch Shall Lie Down with the Ygyde, the Quenya Shall Breathe with the Niotic
Jan Havliš
13.40–14.40 Constructed Languages in the 21st Century
Jan van Steenbergen
14.40–14.50 Break
14.50–16.00 LCC8 Relay Presentation
16.00 Closing remarks

Note that it is possible to download a map on Google Maps while you’re online (e.g. here on campus, in your hotel or before you even leave for the UK) for offline use when you leave campus and its wi-fi network to seek out your favourite lunch place. One of the conference speakers and volunteers, Dr. Oliver Mayeux, kindly put together a map of the area around campus which points delegates to recommended lunch places and also has other important places (e.g. the venue for the conference dinner, etc), as seen below: