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Why? To support our activities as a non-profit:

If you have suggestions for more we can do, for the community or our members—or better yet, if you have a project proposal that would benefit the community but needs our resources—just email


  • a Conlang Flag lapel pin
  • 2 permanent <> domain names and free full web/email hosting
    • see web hosting services page for details
    • includes unlimited and 2 email addresses with secure Jabber IM capability
    • “permanent” means that once it’s up, we will do our best to guarantee that it is up forever (even if your membership lapses, your material will stay up, for free)
  • discounts on all LCS events
  • full voting rights in the LCS
  • future perks as you suggest them and we can make them available
  • the knowledge that you are supporting the LCS in its mission to promote the art, craft, and science of conlanging


The cost of a regular one-year LCS Membership is $35 United States dollars (USD). All contributions (after PayPal’s fees of ~3%, if one uses PayPal) go to the LCS and are used to provide the above-mentioned services, provide for continuity of our programs and events, and pay for those things for which we don’t have capable volunteers or donations.

The LCS also accepts student members for a discounted price of $25 USD. To qualify for student membership, you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Be 18 years or younger, or, if older, be enrolled in a US high school program (or its international equivalent).
  • Be a full or part time student at a community college (or an equivalent 2 year post-secondary degree-granting program).
  • Be a full or part time undergraduate student at a university (or an equivalent 4 year post-secondary degree-granting program).

Potential student members need to provide us with the name of their school, and (if attending a college or university) their area of study, which can be done in the shipping instructions during the subscription process. Student memberships are good only if the potential member is a student at the time of purchase. Student members who are no longer students at the time of their renewals must renew at the regular rate (note: student memberships do not automatically renew). All student memberships are subject to review by the LCS board of directors.

Join or Renew

To join the LCS, please fill out the membership form. After clicking submit, you will be taken to a page with links to PayPal and Amazon Pay.

To renew your membership, you can fill out the form as well, or go directly to the payment page. We recommend that you fill out the membership form anyways, in case any of the information has changed.