The Fifth Language Creation Conference

The 5th Language Creation Conference took place May 4-5, 2013 in Austin, TX.

The conference was hosted by the UT Language Creation Society in Austin under the local direction of Alex Sands.

Speakers and Presenters.



See our youtube channel for video of the presentations.

Local and Travel information.


About the LCC

The Language Creation Conference is an international conference discussing issues related to the craft of language creation, or “conlanging”. It includes both fairly technical linguistic discussions as well as more artistic, sociological, or philosophical ones; examples of craft in action; voices from many parts of the conlanging community; and people from all over the world. The conference is open to the public. Preregistration requested. Lunch, snacks, and opportunities to socialize with fellow conlangers will be provided. All proceeds go to the LCS.


We welcome members of the press and will assist you in researching a story about conlangs or conlangers. Press registration is the same as for any other attendee, but we ask that you identify yourself publicly and briefly let the audience know your affiliation(s) and what you are working on.