LCS Presidents’ Scholarship

The Language Creation Society (LCS) is a California-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, certified tax exempt by both the IRS and California Franchise Tax Board. The primary purpose of the LCS is the promotion and furthering of the art, craft and science of language creation (conlanging) through conferences, books, journals, outreach activities, or other means.

Given our mission of promoting the art, science, and craft of conlanging, the LCS can broaden the reach of that promotion by offering an annual academic scholarship. LCS President Joey Windsor drafted a scholarship proposal in the spring of 2019, and the LCS Board approved it soon thereafter as the LCS Presidents’ Scholarship. The launch of the LCS Presidents’ Scholarship was first announced during the LCS Annual Members’ Meeting on October 19, 2019.

The terms of reference for the award and how to apply are listed in the toggle boxes below (click each to open for more information). You can also download that information as a PDF file by clicking here. The scholarship application deadline will always be December 1 of each year. However, for 2022, we are doing a second intake, which is due March 1, 2022.


To promote scholarship on constructed languages and/or to promote the learning of the practice of conlanging. To engage with students and academics and foster an interest of conlanging in those communities.


This award funds up to two (2) $500 (USD) scholarships annually.


A person or group affiliated with an academic institution (including, but not limited to, high schools, colleges, technical institutes, and universities) who is undertaking a study either on or using constructed language materials; or, who are participating in a class primarily dedicated to teaching conlanging techniques. Applications to teach a single conlang will not be considered.


The application process consists of three things: a proposal, a short curriculum vitae, and a reference letter, each explained below. Applications are due December 1st each year and must be submitted electronically by emailing president <at> conlang <dot> org with the subject line “Presidents’ Scholarship Submission”. Applications can be made prospectively for the following calendar year.

Research Proposal: If you will be undertaking a research project connected to constructed language(s) (either using a constructed language(s) as research stimuli or investigating some aspect of an existing conlang/conlang speech community), you will need to create a research proposal using these guidelines.

The research proposal is maximally 500 words; title, figures/graphs, and references do not count towards this limit. The proposal must clearly provide a project title, research question, hypothesis, proposed methodology, and anticipated completion date. The proposal must also briefly introduce the candidate and speak to why they are undertaking the research.

Conlang Class Proposal: If you are seeking a scholarship to support offering a class or workshop on conlanging, you will need to create a Conlang Class Proposal instead of a Research Proposal.

The conlang class proposal is maximally 500 words; title, figures/graphs, and references do not count towards this limit. The proposal must clearly provide a class title (e.g., what would appear on a student’s transcript if applicable), the general concepts intended to be taught, an expected number of registrants in the class or workshop, and the time frame of the class/workshop (preference will be given to classes/workshops that are longer than a single day). The proposal should also briefly provide information on the instructor’s experience with constructed languages or the material to be taught.

Curriculum Vitae (CV): A full CV is not required for this application. Minimally, the applicant’s CV should include: degrees earned, current position, any previous experience with constructed languages (volunteer positions, courses/workshops taught, publications, and/or scholarships related to conlanging). If a full academic CV is provided, the relevant sections for this application should be highlighted to help reviewers.

Letter of Reference: The applicant must arrange for a single letter of reference to be sent via email to president <at> conlang <dot> org, either included in the full application package, or separately from the letter writer. The letter of reference should not exceed one (1) page and should directly speak to the applicant’s ability to carry out the proposed project or class/workshop. If any additional institutional support is being provided (e.g., space, materials, advertising, or funding), this should be noted in the letter of reference as well.

Supplemental Information: If a course/workshop syllabus, research ethics approval, or advertisement (for the class or for research participants etc.) are available, they may be appended to the application.


All applications meeting the requirements will be blinded (names omitted) and assessed by at least two (unrecused) Directors of the LCS using a 10-point scale assessing: Potential to Promote the Art, Science, and Craft of Conlanging (up to 3 points); feasibility of the project/class (up to 2 points); experience of the applicant relevant to the project/class (up to 2 points); originality of the proposal (up to 1 point); supportiveness of the letter writer (up to 1 point); and, will the funding make a meaningful impact on the completion of the project/class (up to 1 point). If more than two applications are tied in score to receive funding, an additional reviewer will assess the applications to break the tie.


All applicants will receive notification as to whether or not their application was successful by January 20th. If the application is successful, funds will be transferred to the applicant using PayPal.