About Conlanging and Conlang.org

Conlanging is the creation of constructed languages or conlangs, such as Esperanto, Dothraki, Lojban, or Klingon. A conlanger is someone who creates or constructs languages or conlangs. Conlang.org is a site by the Language Creation Society (LCS) for conlangers, would-be conlangers, those interested in or curious about conlangs, and anything else to do with conlanging.

The primary purpose of the LCS is the promotion and furthering of the art, craft and science of language creation (conlanging) through conferences, books, journals, outreach activities, or other means. We welcome you to our diverse and inclusive global community!

Start Here

If you’re new to conlanging and you want some of the best resources on how to start creating your own language, take a look at The Conlanger’s Library (right-click to open in a new tab) first, and then check out our Resources and Communities pages when you get a chance.


We would love to feature your conlang-related images, video, and audio here on the home page of the LCS website! Please email your images, captions, and attribution details to webmaster (at) conlang (dot) org.

It’s almost time for the 8th Language Creation Conference (LCC8)! It will take place in Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, United Kingdom, on 22 and 23 June 2019.

Online registration for LCC8 is only available until end of day Wednesday, 19 June 2019. After that, attendees can register in person at the conference site, cash only — please note we do not have the means to accept any other payment methods at the conference site. We apologize for any inconvenience.