About the Language Creation Society

The Language Creation Society (LCS) is a California-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, certified tax exempt by both the IRS and California Franchise Tax Board. (Our mailing address shown throughout the site is only for the use of our current treasurer, who may not always be based in California themselves.)

The primary purpose of the LCS is the promotion and furthering of the art, craft and science of language creation (conlanging) through conferences, books, journals, outreach activities, or other means.

The LCS runs the Language Creation Conference, the only international conference devoted to the conlanging field in general.

Finally, the LCS endeavors to be a public resource useful to both language creators (conlangers) and people outside the conlanging community.

The LCS originated from the UC Berkeley student group, also named the Language Creation Society (UCB-LCS). UCB-LCS is a subsidiary of the ASUC, a tax-exempt California non-profit association, and is the group that entirely ran the first LCC and handled most of the finances for LCC2.

You can reach the LCS by contacting us here.

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The LCS seal (shown in the header) incorporates the main elements of the Conlang Flag, plus our slogan, our name, and our year of incorporation; it was designed by Paul Schleitwiler and Greg Shuflin.