Conlang Flag

The Conlang Flag was designed by Christian Thalmann, Jan van Steenbergen, Leland Paul, David J. Peterson and Adrian Morgan. It represents the Tower of Babel (translating Genesis 11:1-9 has been a tradition for conlangers) against a rising sun. It was released into the public domain.

Images courtesy of (left to right) Tony Harris, the Cleveland Public Library, Donald Boozer, and Arthaey Angosii. The images have been cropped to better fit on this page.

Want a Flag?

The LCS currently has a small quantity of flags to sell. If you’re interested in ordering a flag, bear in mind that this is a full size, all-weather flag: 3’x5′ knitted polyester, single side screenprint (1 ply), two sturdy hanging loops (called grommets) on the left side. Looks great from either side.

Order Yours Today

To order a flag, email with a quantity and a valid mailing address. The Treasurer will then reply with a full price quote (flag plus shipping) and instructions on how to pay.

We currently have a few conlang flags left over from a previous order. If you ordered a conlang flag and never got notified or never received your flag, email with the details.

Flags currently cost $26 United States dollars (USD) for LCS members, $32 USD for everyone else. On top of that, we ask that you pay for postage. Currently (May 2015) postage for a first class parcel is about ~$4 in the US, and ~$13 outside of the US.


The versions above have been re-created at much higher quality by Paul Schleitwiler for the LCS, and are also released into the public domain. The icon files were created by Rebecca Bettencourt based on Paul’s SVG.