6. Ithkuil

English Translation


My child, come close to me. Soon you will choose to begin a journey on horseback away from your family to the mountains. I feel I should advise you before you go. Alas! If a dragon talks to you about it, don’t let it be given something bad. He will neither set on fire nor frighten your horse.

Presumably there is no red fruit here. It does not grow in the mountains. It is the full moon that sees this, while this fruit presumably eats that over there. It is you and the fruit the full moon strengthens. Alas! The purple fruit’s vegetation is genuine. Don’t let it eat non-existent things. The fruit is what is evil. It is evil, indeed!

You and the horse create the spirits of your family. That is evil. As for me, I once finished seeing. If I were to eat some of the purple fruit, I would not hunt you down in order to kill you.

My child, listen to this: if you don’t eat up all the purple fruit, it will wipe everything out. The fruit that one eats tastes sweet, indeed. If the fruit were to never be dried up, then someone would eat it. They would eat it, indeed! Now, my child, go off on your horse while you bleat like a goat. Yeah!

LCC5 Relay Torch – ithkuil text & notes