LCC Venue Selection Procedure

The Board of Directors has approved the following as the new official selection procedure for the LCC venue:

1 In March of every non-conference year, the President of the Language Creation Society (LCS) shall initiate a Call For Proposals (CFP) through the Members’ email list, Slack channel, and LCS social media outlets. The CFP will indicate the necessary components for a Stage-1 proposal, a link to the LCC Host Checklist (see below), and a May 31 deadline for submission. The CFP will also specify the location of the previous LCC and we will give preference to proposals that are geographically distinct from the most recent LCC.
1a It is the explicit intention of the LCS Board of Directors that the LCC move around the world to be better accessible to members in different areas. We will prioritize proposals that are in different countries than the previous LCC but will not discard a proposal based on this criterion.
1b The Stage-1 proposal is expected to be brief—containing only a description of the location (and included tech), suggested dates of the conference, the maximum capacity, and a tentative budget. Photos of the venue are considered an asset.
2 By June 30, the Board of Directors will review all received proposals against the LCC Host Checklist to determine suitability of the proposal. This review includes ensuring that the proposed location is safe for all LCC members, regardless of race, gender-identity, beliefs, etc. All proposals that are deemed by the Board of Directors to meet eligibility criteria will be returned to the potential Host with an invitation to submit a Stage-2 proposal. Any proposals that are not accepted at this stage will be returned to the applicant with a brief explanation of why the proposal is not being accepted.
3 By September 30, all potential LCC Hosts who were invited to submit a Stage-2 proposal must submit one to be considered.
3a The Stage-2 proposal must include all relevant information according to the LCC Host Checklist and is not restricted in length.
4 In early October, the LCS President shall anonymize all Stage-2 proposals and make them available to the LCC members by posting the proposals to the Members’ Slack channel. If a member does not participate in the Slack channel, they may email president <at> conlang <dot> org for a PDF copy of the proposals to be sent directly to them.
5 The anonymized proposals will remain posted for 14 days, during which, members are invited to provide comments/feedback/ask questions to facilitate the choice of LCC venue. The Board of Directors will provide directed prompts to help elicit targeted feedback and make the summarization of the feedback more manageable, but open commenting is welcomed.
6 During the November Board of Directors meeting, the Board will vote on the winning proposal. Board members must declare that they have read the members’ feedback before being eligible to vote. Voting will be done on a preferential scale such that each proposal receives a rank out of 10 and the proposal with the highest cumulative score will be chosen.
7 Following the November Board of Directors meeting, the selected Host will be notified and asked to confirm that they are indeed willing to be the local host of the subsequent LCC. Once the Board has received this confirmation, public announcements via the Members’ email list, Slack channel, and social media outlets will be made.


Fiat Lingua!

If you have any questions about this process, please contact us.