LCC Venue Selection Procedure

The Board of Directors has approved the following as the new official selection procedure for the LCC venue:

1 In April or May of every non-conference year, the President of the Language Creation Society (LCS) shall initiate a Call For Proposals (CFP) through the Members’ email list, Slack channel, and LCS social media outlets. The CFP will indicate the necessary components for a proposal, a link to the LCC Host Checklist (see below), and a deadline for submission set in early September. The CFP will also specify the location of the previous LCC and we will give preference to proposals that are geographically distinct from the most recent LCC.
1a It is the explicit intention of the LCS Board of Directors that the LCC move around the world to be better accessible to members in different areas. We will prioritize proposals that are in different countries than the previous LCC but will not discard a proposal based on this criterion.
1b The proposal is expected to be brief—containing only a description of the location (and included tech), suggested dates of the conference, the maximum capacity, and a tentative budget. Photos of the venue are considered an asset.
2 By the end of September, the Board of Directors will review all received proposals against the LCC Host Checklist to determine suitability of the proposal and rate them accordingly. This review includes ensuring that the proposed location is safe for all LCC members, regardless of race, gender-identity, beliefs, etc.
3 In late September or early October, the Board of Directors will vote on the proposals which are rated as suitable for the LCC.
4 The Board of Directors will announce the next LCC location at the annual member meeting in October.


Fiat Lingua!

If you have any questions about this process, please contact us.