Registration 9:00 AM
First Session 9:30 AM
Sai Emrys Introduction
Sally Caves “The Medium and the Internet Conlanger: Vision, Venue, and Play”
Jeff Burke “Language as Growth-in-Time”
John Clifford “Semantic Primes: aUI to Esperanto with Stops Along the Way”
John Quijada “Applying Concepts from Cognitive Linguistics to Your Conlang”
Lunch 1:00 PM
Second Session 2:00 PM
Sai Emrys “Non-Linear Fully 2-Dimensional Writing Systems”
Doug Ball “Conlanging and the Linear Aspects of Syntax”
David Peterson “Down with Morphemes: What Word and Paradigm Morphology Can Teach Us About Language Creation”
Matt Pearson “Case, Aspect, and Argument Structure: One Conlanger’s Investigations”
Panel: Conlang Teaching
Panel: Conlang Aesthetics
Conference End 5:00 PM
Afterparty 6:00 PM

On April 22nd, the day before the conference (and Cal Day), there will be some more informal meetups over lunch/dinner for everyone in the area to socialize and discuss conlanging. If you are interested in attending, please contact Sai.


    1. The Saturday meetup will be at Long Life Vegi House at 2129 University Ave. (@ Shattuck), at 4 PM. They serve lunch specials until 5 pm (full meal for $5), vegetarian fakemeat, and real seafood. Metered parking is available in the area, and is free after 6 PM.

Location is very near the Downtown Berkeley BART and lots of different bus lines. Google it, or use TripPlanner.

It’s right next to the Domino’s Pizza, and a couple stores down from the hardware store.

PLEASE RSVP FOR THE SATURDAY MEETUP! I need to tell them exactly how many people to expect – and there’s a big difference in seating between 15 and 40 people showing up!

    1. The Friday meetup will be at Cafe Milano, 2522 Bancroft Way (@ Telegraph), also at 4 PM. They serve basically your usual cafe fare. Can’t comment on the coffee, since I don’t drink it, but it’s rated pretty decently (and cheap).


    1. Video interviews will be done on Saturday either before the meetup (anytime from 1:30-4), or as a step-away. (Preferrably the former.)

PLEASE RSVP WITH A SPECIFIC TIME WINDOW, preferrably from 1-4 PM Saturday or Friday, if you want to be interviewed on camera!

    1. During the event itself, William Richard, morning news producer and radio host at Berkeley’s KALX (, will be conducting audio interviews (recognizable by the DAT recorder, mic, headphones, and stentorian voice). Flag him down if you’re interested in participating.

All interview material will be used as you specifically allow us to (we’ll ask). My intent is that it be used e.g. for posting online, possibly for responsible radio or TV shows (NPR perhaps?), and for general documentary purposes.

Questions asked will be the usual things, as I mentioned earlier. If you have something to say about conlanging, or IN your conlang, this is your opportunity. 😉

    1. Rideshares

If anyone is coming from, or passing through, Davis CA, please let me know – I’ve got one person there without transport who would like to come.

If anyone else needs a ride, please let me know and I’ll send out a request.

    1. For everything conference-related, LOOK FOR THE CONLANG FLAG!

I will be present at both meetups with an actual flag on a pole, so that should be pretty easily recognized. Conference signs (which will be posted on MLK) will also bear the stylized flag design as used in the T-shirts.

That’s all for now.