Conlanging film

July 25, 2016 — Conlanging is a feature length documentary film about conlangers worldwide, made by Britton Watkins (a conlanger!) and his husband Josh Feldman. Their previous work includes the film Senn.

We are pleased to announce that the LCS is supporting the film with:

  1. $1,000;
  2. up to $2,000 more in 1:1 matching grants* for LCS members’ contributions to the film’s Indiegogo fundraiser; and
  3. 10 high-quality conlang flags, to be offered as perks.

* Anyone who is an LCS member at any time between July 11 and August 15, 2016 qualifies for the matching grant — even if you join after you made your contribution. (Once the fundraiser is finished, contributors will be sent information on how to claim the match.)

Britton joined us at LCC6, and interviewed several participants. If you would like to be featured in the film, you still have until August 15 to participate.

The film will be screened in full at the next LCC, for in person attendees. We also hope to have Britton there, presenting a talk about the journey of the film’s production and other highlights specially for conlangers.

To contribute, visit the Indiegogo page. For more information, follow conlangingfilm on Twitter, FacebookTumblr, or Reddit; visit; listen to the Conlangery podcast interview; and watch their videos: