13. Dothraki Final Text


“Ave Erin Anni”

Ave erin anni ast anhaan, “Anha zalak meyer saji hrazef ma chivoon krazaajoon, majin yer laz vitiheri qlasehis.” Majin anha saj hrazef ma chivoon ma e.

Kash anha ver, kash anha shilo khalasar ma sanoon hrazefi ma chivoon, ma mori attihish anna yotoon gizikhvena fin ray ezish mori. Mori astish anhaan qisi hrakkar zhokwa she krazaaj, ma mori rokish memé laz azzisish anna. Anha rokh m’anha laz vos dothro qlasehea hatif gerikhi.

Anha dothra kash khado ajjalani, ma, ki shekhikhi jalani, anha tih vaes rekke vitisher yot gizikhven. Ahhaz kisha dothrash qlasehea, ahhaz me shar ma me ayyol.

English Translation

“My Good Father”

My good father said to me, “I want you to mount a mountain unicorn and inspect the deer.” So I mounted a unicorn and left.

While I was traveling, I met a tribe that had many unicorns, and they showed me some sweet fruit they had found. They told me about a great lion on the mountain, and they were afraid that it would be able to injure me. I feared that I wouldn’t be able to get to the deer in time.

I rode throughout the night, and, by the light of the moon, I saw a place where the sweet fruit was growing. When we reached the deer, it was healthy and gave birth.