LCS Members

  • 141 members in 27 countries:

    2 members in Australia 2 members in Austria
    1 member in Brazil 2 members in Canada
    2 members in China 1 member in Cyprus
    1 member in the Czech Republic 3 members in France
    7 members in Germany 1 member in Ireland
    3 members in Italy 1 member in Japan
    1 member in Mexico 3 members in the Netherlands
    1 member in New Zealand 2 members in Norway
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A selection of Members

  • Glenn Abastillas (USA 2014) Creator of Tapni. Mnival valun sbanir fuparsar.
  • Rafael Acosta (Mexico 2015) Al-Kült creator
  • Joel Anderson (USA 2015) Joel Anderson, despite rumors to the contrary, is not a Klingon. He is however: 1) A Software Engineer who has worked in software development and the telecommunications industry for over 20 years. He still remembers the "good old days" when computing online meant dialing with a rotary phone, using his VIC 20. 2) A science fiction enthusiast, Joel may occasionally need to be reminded that he is a human, from Earth. 3) A language hobbyist who enjoys building programs that use science fiction languages, especially those found in the worlds of Star Trek. 4) A card carrying member of the Klingon Language Institute. See his article in the institute's journal, HolQeD, "Building a Klingon Computer".
  • William S. Annis (USA 2012)
  • Nicolas Athanasiades (Cyprus 2016) Conlanger and composer
  • Mike Bacon (USA 2013) Atlanta, GA. creator of Kardak.
  • Sascha Baer (Switzerland 2015)
  • Doug Ball (USA 2009) Doug is the creator of the Skerre language.
  • J.S. Bangs (USA 2014) Creator of Yivrian and Praseo, and the Phonix sound change engine
  • William Barton (USA 2014) William Barton is a science fiction writer and software architect. His principal conlangs are Semkanya and Takil, extensively used in his conlang novel "Crimson Darkness."
  • Doug Barton (USA 2015)
  • Billy J. B. (Sweden 2012) Founder and administrator of the MediaWiki-based conlang site Linguifex ( ) and one of the Facebook-based conlang groups ( ). I am þe creator of several Indo-European conlang sketches (Germanic, Italic, own) and a few odd fraglangs.
  • Pete Bleackley (UK 2015) Creator of Khangaþyagon and iljena. Local host of LCC6. Associate Editor of Speculative Grammarian.
  • Chase Boni (USA 2013)
  • Donald Boozer (USA 2009) The official Conlang Librarian, Don is the creator of Dritok.
  • Francesco Bravin (Italy 2013) creator of the Danan language, a fictional ancient indo-european language.
  • Jeffrey Brown (USA 2009) τεμεηια - The Temenia project is a model of the process by which an international auxiliary language is constructed, as well as an example language constructed by that process. Temenia had its first speakers conference in 2011. You can view the conference website here.
  • Padraic Brown (USA 2010)
  • Ruxandra Capraru (Romania 2015) I hope that one day I can inspire people to love linguistics as much as I do.
  • Leonardo Castro (Brazil 2015) Brazilian, physicist, linguistics enthusiast.
  • Sally Caves (USA 2008) inventor of Teonaht, a life-long conlang project. Professor of English at the University of Rochester, NY. Author (as Sarah Higley) of Hildegard of Bingen's Unknown Language: An Edition, Translation and Discussion (NY: Palgrave-Macmillan, 2007).
  • John E. Clifford (USA 2007) Epigone: Loglan, Lojban, aUI, toki pona (
  • Jacob Cockcroft (USA 2014)
  • George Corley (USA 2011)
  • Jorge Cristino (Portugal 2009)
  • Mechthild Czapp (Ireland 2011) I am a conlanger since 2001, mostly working on Rejistanian but also have several side projects like Neoquux.
  • Titian Dahlvang (USA 2015)
  • Eva Danese (Italy 2015)
  • Ralph L. DeCarli (USA 2011) Creator of Instrumentation
  • Dante DeGraff (USA 2016) Linguistics student at University of Colorado at Boulder.
  • Mia DeSanzo (USA 2010) Formerly Mia Soderquist
  • David G. Durand (USA 2007)
  • Martin Edwardes (United Kingdom 2016) Semi-retired lecturer, King's College London. I teach a module in the Language & Linguistics BA which is called "The Making of Language". The assignment for this module is a 3,500-word description of a language which the student creates. I am also working on a version of Ursula Le Guin's Pravic (The Dispossessed) for an art installation, "A Night School on Anarres" as part of the KCL "Utopia 2016: A year of imagination and possibility" project.
  • E M Epps (USA 2010) Creator of Hadra.
  • Lisk Fell (Australia 2015) Australian National University undergrad majoring in Linguistics and Mandarin, on exchange at the National Taiwan University to continue my studies. Since I first learned how to hold a pencil, I've been writing my own scripts. At 17 I started putting those to grammars and lexicons, and am currently developing a family of 6 distinct languages for a work of fiction. I've completed 5 years of formal study in German, 4 in Mandarin (1 intensive), and another highly intensive year in Japanese. Also currently studying Danish and Norwegian casually. Particularly interested in the way languages change. My conlanging so far has been in isolation, so I'm very interested in sharing experience and ideas with fellow conlangers.
  • Fenhl (Germany 2011) Mostly interested in collaborative conlangs (colllangs). Creator of Batu and Wanya; co-creator of Wyunurisi, Naeso, Jayus, and Ęndehl; and member of the Viossa project.
  • Romain Filstroff (Austria 2014) Conlanger since I'm 12, I'm currently studying at the university of Vienna (indo-european studies & diachronic linguistics). I'm very interrested in the finno-uralic languages and the indo-european languages, especially the germanic and romance ones. And, of course, conlangs. ALL OF THEM.
  • Alex Fink (USA 2010)
  • Amanda Furrow (USA 2007)
  • LJ Garcia (USA 2015) Inventor of Talad'thron and Pasu, I also speak Sindarin Elvish. Currently working on a novel to house these languages.
  • Christophe Grandsire-Koevoets (Netherlands 2011) Christophe is the creator of Moten and Narbonese. Also, his is the crazy mind that invented Maggel.
  • Scott L. Hamilton (USA 2010)
  • Tony Harris (USA 2012) Tony's most important language is Alurhsa, with Tariatta as a secondary and a number of others as yet only minimally developed.
  • Gary S Harrop (UK 2015) I work as a technical translator (German-English). Qualifications: BA in Russian Studies, MA in Icelandic Studies. I have a fair to good knowledge of Czech, Greek (Ancient), Hungarian, Icelandic, Latin, Old Norse, Russian, Spanish, Welsh. Starting work on my first conlang.
  • Zack Hart (USA 2014)
  • Jan Havliš (Czech Republic 2011) Jan's language creations are summarized here, under the green triangle window of the tower temple. Some pages of the individual languages might be slightly out-of-date, but still give relevant info.
  • Jim Henry (USA 2010) Jim Henry (USA 2010) gjâ-zym-byn, a personal language; Glossotechnia, the language invention card game
  • Connor Hollis (USA 2016)
  • James Hopkins (USA 2012) "Itlani is my main conlang. My other languages are (in order of most development): Djanari (Nordsh), Semerian (Pomolito Zulu), Djiran (Ijira Rova) and Lastulani (Lastig Klendum). Five in all, all spoken in the planet Itlán (the venue of my soon to be published novel Circle of the Lantern."
  • Alexis Huchelmann (France 2015) Part-time conlanger while studying linguistics. My main creation is Old Greedian, more or less carefully wrought for a friend's novel, along with other premodern, ergative, plural-less languages. More on that on Ideopedia, the french conlanging wiki.
  • Kelvin Jackson (USA 2011)
  • Jerome G (France 2016)
  • Marvin Johanning (Germany 2015)
  • David Johnson (UK 2010) David is the creator of the Lemohai, Õtari and Classical Leheitak languages.
  • BenJamin Johnson (USA 2014) Germanicist, former IT Professional, beer brewer, cheesemaker, fountain pen enthusiast. Major personal conlangs include Northeadish (Germanic a posteriori), Maltcégj (a priori), Gutish (East Germanic a posteriori), and Dlatci (a priori). Current developer and caretaker of the Brooding language (a priori), originally created by Scott Hamilton and Ryan Long for the Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company.
  • Nina-Kristine Johnson (USA 2016)
  • Jeffrey S. Jones (USA 2010) creator of 'Yemls and nameless others
  • Brian King (USA 2013) College student at Seattle Pacific University, studying philosophy. I've created the Anzu and Oracles languages and I'm currently working on a 3rd called Grave Tongue.
  • Leland Paul Kusmer (USA 2008) Creator of the tükwäi and saa nglok languages.
  • Trevor Langill (USA 2016)
  • Stéphanie Launay (France 2015)
  • Rand Lee (USA 2015) Rand B. Lee is a science fiction writer whose short stories have appeared in Asimov's, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, and various anthologies. His first book, "The Green Man & Other Stories," has been published in electronic form by Curiosity Quills Press. He is currently working on his first full-length SF novel, in which his constructed language— Mánafu/türru—figures prominently.
  • Ola Lisowska (Poland 2015) Graduate student of Slavic Linguistics, speaks English, German, Polish fluently, has a good understanding of Russian and Old Church Slavonic grammar, some basic knowledge of French. Fantasy and imagination enthusiast.
  • Justin Mann (Canada 2013) Creator of several conceptualized languages, including Fyelli and a reconstruction of Ta'agra.
  • Piermaria Maraziti (Italy 2012) Has been conlanging since he can remember.
  • Lisa Maroski (USA 2016)
  • Riley Martinez-Lynch (USA 2015)
  • Oliver Mayeux (United Kingdom 2016) PhD Candidate, Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, University of Cambridge.
  • Kate McCarter (USA 2014)
  • Jan Michalsky (Germany 2016)
  • James Miller (Australia 2010)
  • Paul Mitchell (USA 2015)
  • Sentaro Mizuta 水田 扇太郎 (Japan 2009) NOXILO (pronounced noshilo) is multimode language (SVO / SOV reversible and SVO / SOV / VSO triversible by the end of this year), and all Int'l Standard Words (ISW) has root on the wordhead. You can replace ISW with English, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, or any other natural language.
  • Robert Marshall Murphy 薯明帥 (USA 2013) Large project of Austronesian Hebrew at Other projects at
  • Cooper Nagengast (USA 2012)
  • Daniel Newsome (USA 2015)
  • Philip Newton (Germany 2011)
  • Patrick Niedzielski (USA 2014)
  • Matthew Niemi (USA 2015) PhD student in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
  • Nikita Monsterslayer (Worldwide 2015) Artist, writer, world-builder, conlanger.
  • Njenfalgar (Vietnam 2011)
  • Natanya Norry (USA 2015)
  • Spencer O'Dowd (USA 2016) A conlanger with an unhealthy fixation on the way languages change over time, I specialise in the creation of language offshoots and dialects, whether they be real world languages or conlangs.
  • Orthohawk (USA 2015) Having become severely disillusioned with recent attitudes and actions from the Esperanto "community", I decided to create my own project.
  • Matt Pearson (USA 2010) Matt is the creator of the Okuna language (formerly Tokana), and also the creator of the Thhtmaa language, which he created for the television series Dark Skies.
  • David Peterson (USA 2007) "I keve'ave'a, ka kupi ei foe leveya..." (Kamakawi, "Once upon a time, I was sitting by the sea...", from the LCC3 relay)
  • Josh Pharris (USA 2015)
  • John Quijada (USA 2011)
  • Sebastian Ransom (Canada 2015)
  • Kim Raymoure (USA 2011)
  • Grayson Richardson (USA 2013)
  • Sai (USA 2007) On the Design of an Ideal Language and other essays
  • Alex Sands (USA 2012) Creator of the Salhari Language
  • Liam Sauer-Wooden (USA 2010)
  • Ángel Serrano Sánchez de León (Spain 2014) My conlang is Aingeljã and my website is:
  • Rie Sheridan Rose (USA 2013)
  • Marcus Shiu 徐轶 (China 2012) Creator of the Akul language.
  • Tim Smith (USA 2013)
  • Sylvia Sotomayor (USA 2009) Creator of Kēlen: a verbless language.
  • Tim Stoffel (USA 2011) My languages of most interest are: Na'vi, Dothraki, Klingon and Lojban.
  • David Tait (UK 2013) Languages: "The Hopyratian Language", "The Eldich Language" and "The Fairish Language".
  • Jozef Takcs von Braun (USA 2016)
  • Lorinda J. Taylor (USA 2011) My languages: Shshi, !Ka<tá, and other termite and bird languages. Conlang website: Related information at and
  • Christian Thalmann (Switzerland 2012)
  • Bruce Tindall (USA 2014)
  • Hosanna Tolman (USA 2015)
  • Brian Umberger's Media Endeavors (USA 2013) Artist. Author. Publisher. Gamer. Visionary. ​Creator of The Clockworld Chronicles "Cant of the Tears" (Books Under Development). For more information please visit me at ...
  • Gregory Uzelac (USA 2015) Graduate of Northwestern's Asian Language and Civilization program, specialized in diasporic Hindi koines. Lover of pidginization and creolization. Currently developing a language and its "English" creole derivation based on Ape communication for a series in development. Creator of simplified English alphabet-phonology, Engliš.
  • G. van der Vegt (Netherlands 2010)
  • Adam Walker (USA 2009)
  • Lee Walter (USA 2014) Current work is centered around the Anyuvin language (aka Varindjo) and the development of software to support conlang development.
  • Britton Watkins (USA 2013)
  • Michael Weber (Austria 2012) Creator of Lemizh.
  • Lisa Weißbach (Germany 2015)
  • Sheri Wells-Jensen (USA 2012)
  • Carla White (USA 2015) I speak Italian, Spanish and French fluently and am able to converse in German. I've created a conlang once so far - Dulcargi, but it didn't go past 500 words.
  • Yesua (Spain 2016) Well. I have been an amateur conlanger since a year, more or less, though I've been always interested in this world: I remember when I was a child, I wanted to design languages and learn conlangs, as the Atlantean language of the Atlantis Disney movie (which I love). But I thougt I was alone, because conlanging it is not a well known phenomenon in Spain, aside Tolkien's languages, Klingon (whose creator Mark Okrand is only known by trekkies), Na'vi and the languages of Game of Thrones (whose respective designers, Paul Frommer and David J. Peterson are unknown except by true fans). Only I found one conlanger, a very good one I think. But then I discovered this community, so I'm here to learn and share ;)
  • Yutong Zhang (China 2015) Geban Volapüka perevidöl, kel nitedälom dö jenotem onik.