LCS Members

  • 130 members in 24 countries:

    3 members in Australia 1 member in Austria
    1 member in Brazil 1 member in Canada
    2 members in China 1 member in the Czech Republic
    2 members in France 2 members in Germany
    1 member in India 1 member in Ireland
    3 members in Italy 1 member in Japan
    1 member in Mexico 4 members in the Netherlands
    3 members in Norway 1 member in Portugal
    1 member in Saudi Arabia 1 member in South Korea
    2 members in Spain 1 member in Sweden
    1 member in Switzerland 5 members in the UK
    90 members in the USA 1 member in Vietnam

A selection of Members

  • Glenn Abastillas (USA 2014) Conlangs: Tapni (algorithmic conlang), Pater (aesthetic conlang),Anon (aesthetic conlang), Elihi (aesthetic conlang). Real Langs: English, Cebuano, Spanish, German, French, Arabic, Italian. Degree: Master's Candidate in Linguistics at Georgetown University.
  • Daniel Adler (USA 2013)
  • William S. Annis (USA 2012)
  • Mike Bacon (USA 2013) Atlanta, GA. creator of Kardak.
  • Sascha Baer (Switzerland 2015)
  • Doug Ball (USA 2009) Doug is the creator of the Skerre language (for more info, check out his site, or his talk at LCC1).
  • J.S. Bangs (USA 2014) Creator of Yivrian and Praseo, and the Phonix sound change engine
  • William Barton (USA 2014) I am a science fiction writer. Major conlangs: Semkanya, Takil, Italkoriansa Novu.
  • Andoni P. Bayle (Spain 2014)
  • Sam Blumire (UK 2014)
  • Chase Boni (USA 2013)
  • Donald Boozer (USA 2009) The official Conlang Librarian, Don is the creator of Dritok.
  • Francesco Bravin (Italy 2013) creator of the Danan language, a fictional ancient indo-european language.
  • Charles Brickner (USA 2013) Creator of Senjecas for the conworld Sefdaania, Litorian for the extraterrestrial conworld Litoria, and Athonite for the IB conworld.
  • Jeffrey Brown (USA 2009) τεμεηια - The Temenia project is a model of the process by which an international auxiliary language is constructed, as well as an example language constructed by that process. Temenia had its first speakers conference in 2011. You can view the conference website here.
  • Padraic Brown (USA 2010)
  • Leonardo Castro (Brazil 2015) Brazilian, physicist, linguistics enthusiast.
  • Sally Caves (USA 2008) inventor of Teonaht, a life-long conlang project. Professor of English at the University of Rochester, NY. Author (as Sarah Higley) of Hildegard of Bingen's Unknown Language: An Edition, Translation and Discussion (NY: Palgrave-Macmillan, 2007).
  • Benjamin Chin (USA 2014)
  • John E. Clifford (USA 2007) Epigone: Loglan, Lojban, aUI, toki pona (
  • Jacob Cockcroft (USA 2014)
  • George Corley (USA 2011)
  • Jorge Cristino (Portugal 2009)
  • Tyler Curtain (USA 2014)
  • Eva Danese (Italy 2015)
  • Ralph L. DeCarli (USA 2011) Creator of Instrumentation
  • E M Epps (USA 2010) Creator of Hadra.
  • Christian Evans (USA 2013)
  • Romain Xmontezuma Filstroff (France 2014) Conlanger since I'm 12, I'm currently studying at the university of Vienna (indo-european studies & diachronic linguistics). I'm very interrested in the finno-uralic languages and the indo-european languages, especially the germanic and romance ones. And, of course, conlangs. ALL OF THEM.
  • Alex Fink (USA 2010)
  • Christophe Grandsire-Koevoets (Netherlands 2011) Christophe is the creator of Moten and Narbonese. Also, his is the crazy mind that invented Maggel.
  • Laurel Halbany (USA 2013)
  • Scott L. Hamilton (USA 2010)
  • Tony Harris (USA 2012) Tony's most important language is Alurhsa, with Tariatta as a secondary and a number of others as yet only minimally developed.
  • Zack Hart (USA 2014)
  • Jan Havliš (Czech Republic 2011) Jan's language creations are summarized here, under the green triangle window of the tower temple. Some pages of the individual languages might be slightly out-of-date, but still give relevant info.
  • Alexys Hegmann (Mexico 2014) AKA Yagarasu, creator of Nitefimae and Daerot Naa Lailo. More info on (spanish)
  • Jim Henry (USA 2010) Jim Henry (USA 2010) gjâ-zym-byn, a personal language; Glossotechnia, the language invention card game
  • James Hopkins (USA 2012) "Itlani is my main conlang. My other languages are (in order of most development): Djanari (Nordsh), Semerian (Pomolito Zulu), Djiran (Ijira Rova) and Lastulani (Lastig Klendum). Five in all, all spoken in the planet Itlán (the venue of my soon to be published novel Circle of the Lantern."
  • Josh Hortman (USA 2015) A would-be musicologist that couldn't get an academic job and ended up teaching high school French. Creator of Wreshthin, an Indo-European conlang closely related to the Indo-Iranian branch spoken around 1500 B.C. by a conculture (?) inhabiting northern India before the arrival of the Arians.
  • Alexis Huchelmann (France 2015) Part-time conlanger while studying linguistics. My main creation is Old Greedian, more or less carefully wrought for a friend's novel, along with other premodern, ergative, plural-less languages. More on that on Ideopedia, the french conlanging wiki.
  • Billy J. B. (Sweden 2012) Founder and administrator of the MediaWiki-based conlang site Linguifex ( ) and one of the Facebook-based conlang groups ( ). I am þe creator of several Indo-European conlang sketches (Germanic, Italic, own) and a few odd fraglangs.
  • David Johnson (UK 2010) David is the creator of the Lemohai, Õtari and Classical Leheitak languages. Some of his work is viewable at:
  • Ryan Johnson (USA 2014)
  • Jeffrey S. Jones (USA 2010) creator of 'Yemls and nameless others
  • Sherrilyn Kenyon (USA 2014) Creator of Atlantean, Phrixian, Andarion, Caronese, Charonte, and Naglfari.
  • Kristen Kern (USA 2015) Linguistics student with a thirst for knowledge and values efficiency and ingenuity.
  • Brian King (USA 2013) Creator of Anzurian.
  • Koppa Dasao (Norway 2011) Нҩнј Ьаłδƕ ҩнј вас. Ас мітеłі Ьаłδƕ нҩнј δезІљомі. Ас δелањ ьонѕтłі Δелањ ƒłеьонѕтłі. (Naunj Qardh aunj vaz. Az miteri Qardh naunj dezIllomi. Az delang qonstri Delang freqonstri.) /nɔnj qaɹd ɔnj vaz. az miteɹi qaɹd nɔnj deziɭu:mi az delaŋ qu:nstɹi delaŋ fɹequ:nstɹi/
  • Leland Paul Kusmer (USA 2008) Creator of the tükwäi and saa nglok languages.
  • Jacob Levin (USA 2015) Languages: Irean, Sieszcie.
  • Afnan Linjawi (Saudi Arabia 2015) I am a translator and polyglot who is very interested in conlanging.
  • James Makiol (Australia 2015)
  • Justin Mann (Canada 2013) Creator of several conceptualized languages, including Fyelli and a reconstruction of Ta'agra.
  • Piermaria Maraziti (Italy 2012) Has been conlanging since he can remember.
  • Puey McCleary (USA 2009) Puey is the creator of the Babel language.
  • David McClelland (USA 2014) "I have immersed myself in languages, new and old, since I could speak."
  • James Miller (Australia 2010)
  • Ian Mix (USA 2014) I'm a linguistics enthusiast with a specific interest in writing systems. My conlang of a year and a half is called Yanem, and is in the process of being properly documented. I mainly enjoy making conscripts and using them for calligraphic art. You can find my work on reddit, where my username is I_A_M.
  • Sentaro Mizuta 水田 扇太郎 (Japan 2009) NOXILO (pronounced noshilo) is multimode language (SVO / SOV reversible and SVO / SOV / VSO triversible by the end of this year), and all Int'l Standard Words (ISW) has root on the wordhead. You can replace ISW with English, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, or any other natural language.
  • Ric Morris (USA 2015) Professor of Spanish and Linguistics at Middle Tennessee State University, conlanger since age 12 (many minor projects), interested in conlang pedagogy, conlang culture, natural language typologies, natural language planning.
  • Robert Marshall Murphy 薯明帥 (USA 2013) Large project of Austronesian Hebrew at Other projects at
  • Daniel Newsome (USA 2015)
  • Philip Newton (Germany 2011)
  • Matthew Niemi (USA 2015) PhD student in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
  • Njenfalgar (Vietnam 2011)
  • Eugene Oh (UK 2015)
  • Matt Pearson (USA 2010) Matt is the creator of the Okuna language (formerly Tokana), and also the creator of the Thhtmaa language, which he created for the television series Dark Skies.
  • David Peterson (USA 2007) "I keve'ave'a, ka kupi ei foe leveya..." (Kamakawi, "Once upon a time, I was sitting by the sea...", from the LCC3 relay)
  • Daniel Quigley (USA 2013)
  • Kim Raymoure (USA 2011)
  • Grayson Richardson (USA 2013)
  • Sai (USA 2007) On the Design of an Ideal Language and other essays
  • David Salo (USA 2015) David splits his conlanging time between studying the languages of J.R.R. Tolkien and inventing conlangs of his own. He is the author of A Gateway to Sindarin and did language consultation on the filmed versions of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, in the course of which he developed languages based on Tolkien's Khuzdul, Orkish, and Black Speech. More recently he's been working on Nrtranya, an a posteriori Indo-European language. David is the owner of the Elfling mailing list ( and a moderator of the Facebook Constructed Languages page.
  • Jessie Sams (USA 2013)
  • Laura Samson (USA 2015)
  • Alex Sands (USA 2012) Creator of the Salhari Language
  • Sahaj Sankaran (India 2015)
  • Liam Sauer-Wooden (USA 2010)
  • Ángel Serrano Sánchez de León (Spain 2014) My conlang is Aingeljã and my website is:
  • Rie Sheridan Rose (USA 2013)
  • Marcus Shiu 徐轶 (China 2012) Creator of the Akul language.
  • Andrew Slattery (UK 2014) "World domination is such an ugly phrase. I prefer to call it world optimisation." I'm a guy in school sitting in the wonderfully-weathered North (of England). I conlang, music, and maths. Also I like the Internet. Ummm.... Yeah.
  • Sylvia Sotomayor (USA 2009) Creator of Kēlen: a verbless language.
  • Jefferson Spears (USA 2014)
  • Jan van Steenbergen (Netherlands 2015) Creator of Wenedyk and Vozgian, co-creator of Interslavic. Works as a Polish-Dutch translator and interpreter. Main interests: slavistics, constructed languages.
  • Tim Stoffel (USA 2011) My languages of most interest are: Na'vi, Dothraki, Klingon and Lojban.
  • Chaz Stroud (USA 2014)
  • Chris Taichuan Tang 唐 泰川 (China 2012) Creator of the Akramptlu and the Saa language.
  • David Tait (UK 2013) Languages: "The Hopyratian Language", "The Eldich Language" and "The Fairish Language".
  • Lorinda J. Taylor (USA 2011) My languages: Shshi, !Ka<tá, and other termite and bird languages. Conlang website: Related information at and
  • Bruce Tindall (USA 2014)
  • Brian Umberger's Media Endeavors (USA 2013) ​Creator of The Clockworld Chronicles "Cant of the Tears" (Books Under Development). For more information please visit me at ...
  • G. van der Vegt (Netherlands 2010)
  • Erin Vobornik (USA 2014)
  • Adam Walker (USA 2009)
  • Britton Watkins (USA 2013)
  • Max Weber (Germany 2011) Creator of Wanya and KPQ. Enjoys collaborative conlangs, and has contributed to the Isiko and Naeso projects.
  • Michael Weber (Austria 2012) Creator of Lemizh.
  • Larry Wheeler (USA 2014) I've "always" been interested in languages, and had an undergraduate major in linguistics in a student-designed curriculum. I'm currently working on a language design (actually at least two: an ancestor and descendant), as I bone up on natural languages and language change.
  • Amanda Yazdani (USA 2013)