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About Conlanging and Conlang.org

Conlanging is the creation of constructed languages or conlangs, such as Esperanto, Lojban, or Klingon. A conlanger is someone who creates or constructs languages or conlangs.

Conlang.org is a site for conlangers, would-be conlangers, those interested in or curious about conlangs, and anything else to do with conlanging.

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  • A Conlanger’s Calendar

    Mar 11
    A print version of the well-known Language Construction Kit by Mark Rosenfelder (aka The Zompist) is published, 2010.
    Mar 14
    Estonian Native Language Day
    Mar 18
    A main-belt asteroid is discovered by Finnish astronomer Y. Vaisala and designated "1421 Esperanto" in 1936.
    Mar 31
    Aboriginal Languages Day
    Apr 1
    A Gateway To Sindarin (book) by David Salo published, 2007.
    Apr 12
    Press release is released which announces that the LCS and David J. Peterson are working with HBO to create the Dothraki language for their upcoming adaptation of George R.R. Martin's A Game of Thrones, 2010.
    Apr 14
    L.L. Zamenhoff, creator of Esperanto, died on this day in 1917.
    Apr 30
    Otto Jespersen, creator of Novial, died on this day in 1943
    May 3
    George Psalmanazar died, 1763.
    May 5
    Afrikaans becomes an official language, 1925.

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