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261.World Lexicon of Grammaticalization
Heine, Bernd and Kuteva, Tania
Call Number: Heine2002W
262.Rise and Fall of Languages, The
Dixon, R.M.W.
Call Number: Dixon1997R
263.Pragmatics (Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics)
Levinson, Stephen C.
Call Number: Levinson1983P
264.Functional Syntax and Universal Grammar (Cambridge Studies in Linguistics)
Foley, William A. and Van Valin, Robert D., Jr.
Call Number: Foley1984F
268.Morphology (Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics)
Matthews, Peter H.
Call Number: Matthews1974M
269.Regularity in Semantic Change (Cambridge Studies in Linguistics)
Traugott, Elizabeth Closs and Dasher, Richard B.
Call Number: Traugott2005R
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