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TitleLanguages of the Andes, The AuthorAdelaar, Willem FH, and Muysken, Pieter C.PublishedCambridge University Press 2004
Status:Check Shelves SubjectLanguages, South AmericanCategoryCambridge Language SurveysMediaPaperback,BookISBN0521368316Call NumberAdelaar2004LTypeCirculating BookDescription

The Andean and Pacific regions of South America are home to a remarkable variety of languages and language families, with a range of typological differences. Documenting the indigenous languages of this region, as well as of adjacent areas, Willem Andelaar and Pieter Muysken provide historical as well as contemporary information about the languages of the Andes. Illustrated with detailed grammatical sketches, their book will be a valuable resource for students and scholars of linguistics and anthropology.

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