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TitleLandmarks in Linguistic Thought: The Western Tradition from Socrates to SaussureAuthorHarris, Roy and Taylor, Talbot J.PublishedRoutledge 1989
Status:Check Shelves SubjectLinguistics - GeneralMediaPaperback, BookISBN0415002915Call NumberHarris1989LTypeCirculating BookDescription

Contents: Socrates on names. Aristotle on metaphor. The Bible on the origin and diversification of language. Varro on linguistic regularity. Quintilian on linguistic education. Thomas of Erfurt on the modes of signifying. Caxton on dialects. The Port-Royal Grammar: Arnauld and Lancelot on the rational foundations of grammar. Locke on the imperfection of words. Condillac on the origin of language and thought. Horne Tooke on etymological metaphysics. Humboldt on linguistic and mental diversity. Müller on linguistic evolution. Saussure on language and thought.

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